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Contributor Spotlight

“With my background which includes both science and teaching I consider the Foundation to be a most appropriate organization to support.” ~ Nigel Robinson

Mr. Robinson resides in Wellington New Zealand and is employed by VeriFire as a Senior Technical Officer. VeriFire provides “Authority Having Jurisdiction” certification of fire sprinkler systems as required by the New Zealand Fire Sprinkler Standard. He has been involved in the New Zealand fire protection industry for 19 years, originally with the Insurance Council of New Zealand. Mr. Robinson was also previously employed by Fire Protection Inspection Services Ltd. where he provided field inspection and certification of sprinkler systems, and third party certification of fire alarm systems.

Mr. Robinson has a Bachelors degree in chemistry from Victoria University of Wellington. He has been a member of SFPE since 1991.

The contribution will be used to perpetuate our legacy to the future of fire protection engineering.